Sometimes in life we want to fall into a preset . It’s easy to do. It’s easy to look at the success of others or to compare with what others are doing.. and say hey I should just do what that other person is doing and then I might have some success.  But what if what you are called to do is something that has never been done before? Alas! There’s a challenge designed just for you! YOU ARE SPECIAL after all!

So Don’t be afraid to explore your gifts.

In  reading Romans 12:6 God reveals to us that we all have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. Have you ever wondered what’s your gift?  I struggled with this question for years. After all there is no ” Encouragement Career Path” in College.  I wasn’t one of those kids that knew exactly what they wanted to do by age 5. I had no ah ha! I want to be a doctor , dentist, or astronaut  moment. I do know however that my gift is to encourage so  here I am (starting where I can) spreading encouragement one sketch at a time.

Challenge: Spend 10 minutes sketching a gift or dream  you’ve hidden away. I’m not sure if you’ve heard the song. This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine? Below is an updated version which I  hope will encourage you.  ❤



3 Replies to “Sketch Your Dream”

    1. hard to believe I moved back to orlando two years ago… all my art and poetry has been on a continual back burner it seems.. I’m trying to make more time for it because it brings me joy!!! I admire your consistency with your artwork.. your always working on that next piece. I’M ADDICTED TO PSYCHE..I’m just about to finish season 8 ;( THEN WHATEVER WILL I DO LOL…maybe post more frequently? I hope

      1. I’ve been blessed to have a job position where there are some bits of downtime; so no matter where I’m at I’m almost always thinking or working on some new idea. No moment is wasted – I dedicate as much as I can to creating something new. It definitely helps make the work days more bearable, if not enjoyable (especially when at a particularly slow location). Andy Griffith and Looney Tunes never get old. 😉

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